Shoulder – pain and it’s causes

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in our body. It is held together through soft tissues, muscles, fascias and the capsule. In contrast to the hip joint, that is secured by less flexible ligaments, the shoulder is much more movable. Accordingly, the interaction between the different elements of the shoulder is a lot more complex. If that interaction is interrupted by any irregularity particularly shoulder problems occur as the consequence.

Reasons for Shoulder Problems

There are a lot of different reasons for shoulder problems. Postural weakness is a common cause. A one-sided workout for example can lead to shortened or overworked muscles. Other causes of shoulder problems include a lack of flexibility in the thoracic spine, neck- and jaw complications. Usually you notice shoulder problems, because they are painful. Other problems that may be to blame for shoulder pain are calcification and degenerative arthritis.

The Variety of Shoulder Problems

Due to the many elements and interactions that take place in the shoulder, it is obvious that consequently there are various kinds of problems that can occur.

  • Frozen Shoulder – Adhesive Capsulitis: A "stiff shoulder" is an inflamation in the shoulder joint, which first causes pain and then leads to stiffness
  • Impingment: With the Impingment Syndrom you have a narrowing between the humeral head and the shoulder blade and that causes (strong) pain with certain movements.
  • Instability: As flexible as the shoulder may be, as vulnerable it is to instability which could have been caused through an accident, a fall or through hypermobility.
  • Overhead pain/Sportsshoulder: Mostly this is a combination of impingment and instability. Very often athletes who have to lift their arms over their heads are concerned (such as volleyball, handball & co.)
  • Rotator Cuff Tear: The rotator cuff tear is a tendon cap, that surrounds the shoulder head and additionally stabilizes it. After an injury or an operation an intensive physiotherapy is necessary.
  • Calcification in the shoulder: The calcification is usually placed in the tendon insertion round the shoulder joint and can cause tremendous pain.
  • Biceps pathologies: Injuries and illnesses round the biceps are also considered as shoulder problems.