The Philosophy of the Körper-Netzwerk

Körper-Netzwerk is more than just the name. The term stands for the philosophy of my physiotherapy treatment. Our body consists of a network of various elements and structures. These include the cognitive and neural capabilities, as well as passive and active structures, in other words bones and muscles. Ideally all these networks should work perfectly.

If Parts of the Network Fail

Problems can arise in any one of the bodily networks. The body then uses its own network to cope with the difficulties and relies on other elements. This in turn leads to strain in the helping structures. If, for example, you have a torn shoulder muscle it leads to an imbalance of the shoulder joint, as other muscles and ligaments have to replace the injured muscle.

Everybody has their own individual mechanisms when it comes to dealing with injuries. It solely depends on the person and how their muscles respond to a certain extent to replace the injury. It is also important to take existing diseases and the general constitution of ones body into consideration. Accordingly, it is important to individually match the physiotherapy with the Körper-Netzwerk.

Individual Physiotherapy is the key

The treatment options are multiplex. Whether preventive before problems arise or after injuries or operations and with chronic diseases, there are types of therapy and treatments that are appropriate for every body network.

Qualifications and experience in physiotherapy are necessary in order to respond to individual needs. I was lucky enough to gain experience working abroad and at home. Over the years I have been exposed to many different types of treatments that have greatly influenced my practice.

I regularly take part in advanced further training courses to stay professionally updated and incorporate the gained knowledge in my physiotherapy treatment. I will find the ideal treatment for your Körper-Netzwerk with the help of these experiences and my professional training.

Our existing network of experts of different specialized fields as well as a new joint practice offers you additional possibilities. From December, 2018 onwards I am looking forward to welcoming and treating you in the Therapiezentrum Mitte, directly by the Hamerlingpark.