What you should consider before your first physiotherapy treatment

There is some important information you should know about before you start your physiotherapy. Please carefully read through the information below, thank-you.

The First Appointment

Please bring the following documents to the first appointment.

  • A prescribed prescription
  • Existing findings
  • Existing medical records
  • Latest medication
  • Comfortable clothes (e.g.shorts)
  • A big towel

Doctor`s Prescription

Before your physiotherapy session can begin, you need a prescription from your doctor with the number, duration and kind of therapy, e. g. 6 -10 x á 45 minutes physiotherapy and 6 – 10 x à 15 minutes healing massage

Insurance and Assumption of Costs

To get part of your costs reimbursed by your insurance, your prescription must be authorised by your health insurance before the beginning of your therapy. At the end of the therapy you will be given a collective invoice, which can be handed into your health insurance company together with the authorised prescription, to receive your reimbursement. These are usually between 20 to 35 Euros depending on the type of insurance one has.

Supplementary Insurance

If you have an additional private insurance that includes therapy units you will get the differential amount refunded.


Cash payment is due after every treatment. A receipt of payment is issued immediately.

24-h Cancellation of the Appointment

In case you have to cancel your appointment, we kindly ask you to give us a 24-hour notice of cancellation before the due appointment. You can do this either by e-mail or telephone. If the appointment has not been canceled in advance or in the case of a no-show, we will have to charge a cancellation fee for the complete unit.