Physio treatment using videoconference

Rehabilitation from afar, location-independent physio treatment using videoconference, helps with continuous rehabilitation (such as exercise control)...

Corona Virus

I will remain open until revocation!

Appointments will take as arranged place and appointments can be made as usual!

0nline Booking


To start the new year with innovation - from now on online booking available In this sense all a good start into the New Year!

The Mat

MAT Assessment course taught by the founder Steven King from Australia.


As a physiotherapist I find it interesting how my body and mind reacts to new/different load.

What is a CRAFTA therapist?

Video about CRAFTA therapy

Prevention workshop in triathlon

Workshop Prävention im Triathlon - Vortrag

In cooperation with sportsphysiotherapist Petra Hell, our first prevention workshop in triathlon took place at the beginning of March.

Placebo Study

Studie Plazebo

Is it possible to gain a placebo analgesia effect through observational learning from a person or video?

Shoulder problems at overhead athletes

Why is your shoulder so vulnerable to tennis, badminton, volleyball and other overhead sports?

Prevention course

For overhead athlets as well as swimmers. Thursdays from 19:00-20:00.

New Praxis

Therapiezentrum Mitte

From December 2018, I move to the Therapiezentrum Mitte, 1080 Vienna, Hammerlingplatz 8/6.