Physiotherapy with passion

When it comes to myself there is nothing more beautiful than bringing movement into harmony with my body and soul. In my experience a lot of problems often arise through a lack of movement. Family and job take up a lot of time in your daily life and so there is not much time left for yourself. As a physiotherapist it is my concern to work together with you to develop an individual plan that is necessary to strengthen your body for your everyday challenges.

To be able to give you a wide range of support it is my goal to keep up with the latest medical development and regularly take part in advanced professional courses which contribute to my happiness and conviction for my job. Lifelong learning, embracing new methods and treatment approaches as well as for my patients`various concerns is my basis to be able to treat patients responsibly and keep myself up to date with the newest treatments.

I am a physiotherapist with 11 years of experience. Apart from my work in hospitals and private practises in Germany (Freiburg) I also worked in England, London and qualified as a Master of Science in Advanced Health Profession. After my time abroad my work here in Vienna began. This variety and diversity working with a wide range of methods in different countries formed me as a therapist. At the same time it showed me how important it is to learn about the latest methods and evaluate them and that you frequently have to question your methods and your treatment.

My specialisations are, the conservative and postoperative treatment of shoulder, jaw and head areas using different physiotherapeutical approaches.