• back pain
  • neck discomfort
  • joint pain (Arthrose, Arthritis)
  • sports injuries
  • therapy after fractures & operations
Area of expertise


  • narrowing of the shoulder (Impingment)
  • shoulder instability
  • stiff shoulder (frozen shoulder)
Area of expertise

Jaw, head and faceregion

  • teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • clicking of the jaw (Craniomandibular Dysfunction)
  • ear noise (Tinnitus)


The MATTM does test your body objectively, to find out if you are prone to be at risk of injury.

Franziska Sieß, MSc.
Physiotherapist, Sportphysiotherapist

Franziska Sieß, MSc.

My goal is, to offer a responsible and time-based treatment by keeping up to date with the latest development through permanent study and to embrace new methods and treatment approaches.

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Physio treatment using videoconference

Rehabilitation from afar, location-independent physio treatment using videoconference, helps with continuous rehabilitation (such as exercise control)...